Our Coaching Staff.

Players from around Seattle and as far away as Bellingham, Wenatchee, and more come to learn from some of the best club coaches in Washington.

Although our staff is small, we feature prominent collegiate staff from schools such as the University of Washington, Seattle University, Northwest University, and Evergreen College, to name a few.  We also have US Soccer Coaching Educators, Olympic Development State and Regional Staff, as well as one of the highest percentages of Nationally-licensed coaches in the state.  While that is impressive, what makes our club who we are begins and ends with the strong connections our talented and caring coaching staff fosters with our players and families.


Our Family Culture.

Nationals success comes directly from the high-level of coaching our players receive from our staff.  While we do have numerous state, regional, and national championships to our name, we never forget that our families are the backbone of who we are.  We celebrate our families with club-wide events such as iKick, Awards Night, and others.  We are big enough to compete with larger clubs, but small enough to know each others names.  Because of our family-centered focus, many of our players choose Nationals for their entire premier soccer journey.

We have brothers and sisters that play here.  We have coaches with children that play here.  We have husbands and wives coaching here.  A lifetime of friendships are built here.  Through the Nationals, we are more than a collection of teams.  We are a bigger entity with a closely connected group of families.


Our Reputation.

Great Coaching is only part of the equation.  The other part of our success is the player that applies what they learn and in turn raise themselves to the highest level possible.  Every year, Nationals readily competes with some of the best clubs on the west coast of the United States, with numerous state, regional, and national championships, which have earned us recognition practically everywhere we go.

Striving to be a collegiate athlete? Nationals has you covered.  We consistently prepare and place college-bound athletes into colleges on a local and a national level.  In fact, according to research, Nationals is the #3 club in Washington in terms of placing players into college programs.  Nationals also has had  significant success with our players moving on to Academy and US National team programs.





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